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Bountiful City Deer Plan

About the Catch & Relocate Program
Bountiful City is working with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) to implement a pilot program to catch and relocate mule deer. The program catches deer on select properties within City limits, then transports and relocates deer to a farther and safer location from Bountiful City limits. This pilot program will determine both the viability of deer removal within Bountiful and the cost effectiveness of the effort. A total of 211 deer were trapped and relocated during the 2014-15 season. 

The feeding of deer is prohibited by law within Bountiful city limits - City Code 10-1-121; page no. 195.  To access the City Code, click here.

Program Results (the trapping for the 2014-15 season has now ended)

Total deer trapped and relocated: 211

Thank you to the residents who allowed trapping on their property!

Public Participation
This program is strictly “catch and relocate.” Hunting within city limits is illegal.

The catch and relocate program is not on private property without the permission of landowners. Property owners with more than a half-acre lot may contact the City and be considered to participate by signing a release form.

After a release form is signed and submitted to Bountiful City, DWR reviews the various available properties and determine where to set up traps, based on migration patterns and other factors. Submission of a release form does not guarantee the use of all available properties during the program. Currently, there are more properties than traps available. DWR will contact property owners based upon the factors mentioned above.

How Deer Traps Work
The deer traps are simple and humane. The design is similar to a large dog kennel, with a metal-barred frame and netting that surrounds the top and sides. Food, such as apples, are placed in the traps to attract the deer. Once a deer steps into the trap, a latch is released, which drops the netting to the entrance.

During daytime hours, the traps are set open to allow deer to move in and out freely. In the evenings, DWR employees set the traps to catch the deer. Doing so allows the deer to become comfortable with the traps during daytime hours and keeps deer more calm in the trap during the nighttime hours.

City Documents

City & Citizen Efforts Brochure

Catch & Relocate Program Brochure

Printable release form (returned completed form to City Hall, 790 S 100 East)

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